No Man's Sky Fans Thank Hello Games By Purchasing Ad Space On Billboard Visible From Its Offices

No Man’s Sky was a game that became infamous for undelivered promises way before Anthem did. But even after all this time and harsh criticisms, the developers did not give up hope and worked hard to make the game into what they knew it could be. The community is very happy with what the game has become and the thought of it getting better moving forward is beyond what they could have hoped for.

Besides just kind words sent Hello Games’ way through social media, the fans wanted to go above and beyond just like the developers have. So how do they go about it? By buying ad space on a billboard outside of Hello Games’ office.

our community has bought the billboard outside our office to say Thank You

Oh. My. God.

A lot of people lost hope in the game, but looking at the success it has brought back to itself so far through updates, it is hard not to get tempted to give it another look.

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