Nokia X30 5G review – A vibrant mid-range smartphone with one eye on the planet

Nokia’s latest effort in the smartphone market is a high-end planet protecting device.

The X30 boasts 5G connectivity and a lightning fast, vivid display up there with the better smartphones on the shelves.

But it is also pushing an eco-friendly remit, built with sustainability and longevity in mind.

Firstly, it is built to require less charging – surviving around two days on a full battery. Great stuff.

It’s also made from a high percentage of recycled materials. The sturdy metal frame is 100% recycled aluminium. The polymer composite back cover is 65% recycled plastic.

Even the packaging it comes in is much reduced and recyclable. The box is made from 94% recycled paper.

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There’s no charger included either to tackle e-waste.

All Nokia X30 5G owners are given the gift to plant 20 trees from their purchase too.

There’s three years of monthly security updates, three OS upgrades, and a three-year warranty on the unit too to try to help you avoid swapping out handsets sooner.

As for the device itself, it fits lovely in the palm thanks to its 7.9mm depth and has a modern, minimalist and expensive feel about it compared to cheaper Nokia models.

The display is excellent with a 6.43in Amoled screen giving off vibrant, colourful images and a 90Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling.

The camera on the back is decent too, boasting 50MP quality and real detail in the images. It also features Optical Image Stabilisation to make sure any hand wobble when taking a snap doesn’t affect the clarity of the final shot.

There’s a second ultra-wide cam too allowing you to capture huge vistas while still maintaining a pin-sharp central focal point.

You can also do decent selfies thanks to inbuilt portrait software that enhances facial details using AI to make the centre of the image pop.

And that iPhone-like Night Mode is good at enhancing light and colours in dark spaces.

It’s a great, stylish looking mobile phone with one eye on energy and planet saving.

And at a little under £450 well worth a look if you’re keen on a mid-range Android smartphone that’s sustainable minded.


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