Oh My God, Is Pokemon Unite Really Going To Add The Ice Cream Guy?

While everyone expected Blaziken to be the next champion in Pokemon Unite, it turned out that the Ghost/Grass-type Trevenant was the first new Pokemon of 2022. The new defender came as a surprise to everyone, but now we can see a pattern emerging that seems to hint at each new Pokemon. If the trend continues, the ice cream Pokemon Vanilluxe could be the next champ after Aegislash – a concept I’m still struggling to wrap my mind around.

Blaziken seemed like a sure thing. A post from a Pokemon Unite Facebook page in the Philippines last year featured six Pokemon, three of which – Tsareena, Dragonite, and Decidueye – were all eventually added to the game. The other three – Blaziken, Wobbuffet, and Gallade – looked inevitable. And while they may still be coming, it turns out we were looking in the wrong place for clues about the next Pokemon.

Trevenant was actually teased during the Halloween Festival event last year. If you look in the background of the main hub, you can see a hologram of Phantump floating on a pillar. This could easily have been a coincidence considering that Phantump is an appropriate Pokemon for a Halloween theme, but it turns out that there have been other teases on the main hub screen as well.

In one promotional image for the Halloween event, Zeraora is standing in front of a jack-o-lantern carved to look like Rowlett. Decidueye was the next Pokemon added after the Halloween event, so it seems like this coincidence may actually be a pattern.

Now players are digging through past screenshots of the hub as well as promotional artwork looking for clues as to who the next Pokemon will be. There are a few examples, but the only one that stands out as a real possibility is Vanniluxe, whose pre-evolution Vannilite was featured in the background during the most recent event, Holiday Festivities. It’s easy to dismiss this as a clue since the Ice-type Vanilluxe is appropriately holiday-themed, but the introduction of Trevenant makes it clear that anything is possible.

We have two Ice-type Pokemon already, Mamoswine and Alolan Ninetales, but that certainly didn’t stop Trevenant from joining Unite as the fifth Grass-type Pokemon. Vanilluxe could fill a much-needed Support role or maybe even a Speedster, since none have ever been added post-launch. I have no doubt that the developers can find a good place for Vanilluxe, I just don’t know why they would ever choose such a meme Pokemon when there are so many great options to choose from.

Vanilluxe is not a good Pokemon. All of the inanimate object Pokemon – like Klefki and Chandelure – are regrettable. To make matters worse, Vanilluxe has two heads, which is an uncomfortable quality for any Pokemon to have. It’s third strike, of course, is that it looks like food. I can’t bond with a Pokemon that looks delicious, I don’t know how anyone can.

Pokemon Unite doesn’t really have any extremely niche Pokemon, aside from Crustle and possibly Trevenant, so I would be surprised to see something as obscure as Vanilluxe join the roster. It wouldn’t be my first choice – or my 900th choice – but if it can somehow make my teammates group up for Drednaw, I’ll be a Vanilluxe main for the rest of my life.

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