Please Don’t Let The Rock’s Badass Video Game Movie Be Fortnite

The Rock sent Twitter into a tailspin this week by revealing in an interview that once he is done with Black Adam, he'll be ramping up work on a video game movie adaptation. Not just any video game movie adaptation, but a cinematic reimagining of the "biggest, most badass" game out there, one The Rock has been playing for years. There's one very glaring issue everyone currently has with this reveal – The Rock declined to tell us exactly what game, or series of games, he is referring to.

That meant the natural and knee-jerk reaction to the news was to frantically try and guess what exactly The Rock will be up to after his work on Black Adam is done. Guesses as to the game the former WWE Superstar might be working on span from the likely to the unlikely to the downright hilarious. Some of the wilder suggestions have included The Rock playing The Block in a Tetris movie, heading to Hyrule to pose as Link, and taking center stage in a Cooking Mama movie. Can you smell what The Rock is Cooking… Mama? Get it?

Once the internet got the silly suggestions out of the way, some serious and potentially correct suggestions started to filter through. The Rock would make a believable and probably pretty good Kratos in a God Of War movie, for example. Maybe someone has decided to have another crack at bringing Hitman to the big screen and he'll be Agent 47. He is bald after all. The most boring, and sadly most likely, scenario is Rocky leading a Call of Duty movie.

The Rock has video game connections already, of course, and not just as a playable character in the upcoming WWE 2K22. The People's Champ has starred in movie adaptations of Doom and Rampage, neither of which bodes well for whatever film Rock is eyeing up next. In his defence, he has come a long way as an actor since those projects, even if he is quickly becoming typecast as a big guy stuck in the jungle. See: Jumanji, Jungle Cruise, Journey 2, and probably more. Who can keep up these days?

Rock's other video game connection is to Fortnite. Players were adamant the actor was the voice of The Foundation last year, and those suspicions were confirmed when the Seven member removed his helmet to reveal The Rock's virtual face underneath. Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers, but this one was a little different. Rather than The Rock being in Fortnite, he is playing a character in Fortnite, and there's a very real chance whatever deal he has in place with Epic is one that will bring Fortnite to the big screen.

Yes, The Rock's big movie news could be that he is heading up a Fortnite film, and as I'm sure many of you are thinking and perhaps even muttering to yourselves right now, I really don't want it to be. What would it even be? A story about a group of Fortnite characters desperately trying to escape The Loop? If so, who would The Rock play in that scenario? If he doesn't extend his role as The Foundation to the big screen then that will just make things confusing in a movie that is already going to be very confusing as it is.

Fortnite's story is incredibly complicated. Lucky for probably about 95 percent of its players, that doesn't matter because they don't care. They're there to land, get eliminated, and leave. They don't need or want to know who the remaining members of The Seven are, nor do they constantly keep an eye on The Grotto just in case the water level drops a few inches. However, making a Fortnite movie will lure a lot of that 95 percent to the cinema. Great for ticket sales, not so great for trying to tie the movie into Fortnite's confusing universe and attempting to explain it all within 120 minutes.

The other option would be to tell something loosely connected to Fortnite that doesn't tie in or affect the game at all. The setting is the island and The Rock can lead a rag-tag group of sort-of recognizable characters to those who play the game across the island and out of The Loop. A feature-length Fortnite adventure crammed with Easter Eggs only fans of the game will understand. Disrupt whoever you drag to see it every few minutes by nudging them and saying things like “oh that's Tilted Towers” and “I bet he's about to bash that llama to bits”. Maybe I'll take my mum and get her back for when she felt the need to tell me which album every song was from in Rocketman.

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