Scraper: First Strike Ready for July Launch on PlayStation VR

Indie developer Labrodex Studios’ biggest project to date is its virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS) Scraper: First Strike, which launched for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in 2018. Today, the team have announced that PlayStation VR support is coming very soon, early July in fact.

The PlayStation VR version of Scraper: First Strike will get a bunch of updates, including performance and combat tweaks as well as some additional content. Labrodex Studios has confirmed that the title will feature support for the AIM controller, PlayStation Move, DualShock and 3dRudder, with players able to unlock 30 unique achievements (including a Platinum Trophy).

Additionally, this version will also see the removal of codes to unlock speciality items, gifting them to PlayStation VR players for free. For example, this means they’ll be able to access the Debilitator Railgun and an in-game copy of the prequel book “Scraper: The Rise of Cifer,” as part of the purchase.

In Scraper: First Strike you control a Modified Hover Pod pilot, on a mission to restore power to a secret military base and drive back the enemy forces that have taken control. Offering a reasonable 8 hour+ single player campaign with shooting, exploration and engineering elements giving it a sci-fi RPG feel. Blueprints need to be found to build weapons, while parts need to be scavenged from robots and crates to upgrade health and energy systems on the hover pod.

When VRFocus reviewed Scraper: First Strike it received four stars, with the writeup stating: “Scraper: First Strike has plenty of little bits and pieces that are appealing and it’s been perfectly tuned for immersive VR gameplay. Because it is episodic some may find it’s not particularly lengthy, but turn the difficulty up and you’re in for a challenge. As a debut title, Labrodex Inc. should be proud of what’s been achieved.”

Scraper: First Strike is the first episode in a series which Labrodex Studios has previously said will be a five-parter. No details have surfaced just yet on episode 2. The videogame is scheduled to launch on 2nd July 2019, retailing for $19.99 USD/€17.99 EUR. When further details do arrive you can be sure VRFocus will let you know.

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