The Biggest Gaming News For January 25, 2022

Lots of exciting things to get through today including some very impressive numbers from Halo Infinite and the confirmation that Respawn is working on three new Star Wars games. The Internet has also been having fun trying to guess which video game movie The Rock is going to star in next. That and more below.

Respawn Is Working On Three New Star Wars Games

Today we got the official confirmation from EA and Respawn that three new Star Wars games are in the works, giving us an idea as to what these games are going to look like. These games include a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a first-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe headed by Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond director Peter Hirschmann, and a game made in collaboration with Bit Reactor, a new indie studio comprised of former Xcom developers.

The Rock Is Turning "One Of The Biggest Most Badass Games" Into A Movie

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is no stranger to a video game adaptation, having starred in the Jumanji remake, Doom, and Rampage. Now The Rock is starring in another video game adaptation, but stops just short of telling us what it's going to be. The only clue he gave was that it's a title that he's "played for years", insinuating that a long-running video game series is going to be adapted. Either that, or The Rock really, really likes one particular game.

Halo Infinite Has Reached 20 Million Players Since Launch

Another exciting announcement today comes from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella who has revealed that Halo Infinite has amassed over 20 million players since launch, making it the biggest launch in the franchise's history. The multiplayer being free-to-play probably helped a lot, as did the game's single player launching on Xbox Game Pass, but it's clear to see that the Halo franchise is finally back on track after a shaky few years.

Everyone's PS4 Trophies Were Briefly Wiped And Replaced By PS3 Logos Last Night

More evidence regarding Sony's possible foray into backwards compatibility surfaced last night, as everyone's PS4 trophies were briefly removed from their trophy lists and replaced with blank images next to a PS3 logo. Thankfully, things are back to normal now, but this is yet more evidence that Sony is potentially trying to iron out the kinks in backwards compatibility.

Raven Uses "Organizational Change" To Undermine Union

Finally, we have some serious news regarding the striking QA workers over at Raven Software. An email sent to Raven staff has revealed that Raven Software's QA department is going to be separated and embedded amongst the developer's other departments. At any other time, this would be seen as a simple organizational change, but the recent union vote has suggested that higher-ups at Raven may have done this to break up the striking QA workers, thus making organizing much more difficult.

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