The Genshin Impact TikTok Community is Wild

Genshin Impact’s community is blowing up everywhere, and we’ve seen a ton of entertaining content from Reddit in particular, but don’t sleep on the lively corner of gacha game Tiktok. The Genshin Impact tag on the video platform has plenty of jokes, and they’re rife with thirst posts and half-minute laments about how depressing it is to roll in a gacha game.

Sometimes, a quick video is the only way to cope with the crushing disappointment of a bad roll. Stand by fellow Genshin folks, I’ve got a ton of Tiktoks to share that I’ve saved at ungodly hours in the morning. You can’t embed Tiktok links either, so I hope your browser is ready.

Speaking of disappointment, I think most of my pulls end in pain. Mihoyo does giveaway some of its premium in-game currency, but there’s a reason they’re stingy with free Primogems and give you a 0.6% chance of snagging a five-star character. We’ve seen people absolutely lose their mind over Zhongli, but really it’s a universal feeling. Videos for Childe, Diluc, Klee, Keqing, they’re no different. You can spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and not get the character you want (please don’t). Or, you can be lucky enough to get one free single pull and nab that special someone. Folks like norcomkp on Tiktok have all the luck in the world and got everyone they were after, thankfully I’m about there too. Definitely eat the rich, but also I somehow pulled Diluc twice.

Perhaps the most striking part of Genshin Impact’s little slice of Tiktok though are the folks who cannot stop posting about the animated people they’re thirsting over. We’ve got someone in love with a violent criminal (honestly, same here though), and for some reason, the rest of the internet can’t stop calling Zhongli “daddy” (That’s Zhaddy to the Genshin fandom, thank you very much). I love it here.

Zhongli has driven the player base wild, for good and for bad reasons. So far, he’s pretty mediocre in battle, but Tiktok users aren’t shy about his other assets. Apparently “hot girl shit” includes playing Genshin and Zhongli fangirling all day, so I’m lucky. My personal favorite video uses a background sound that’s become a staple of Tiktok, I know most of the internet was thinking the same thing when he used that “I will have order,” line in his trailer. Anyway, my dear Zhongli, I am in love with you and I’m telling you straight up.

It’s not all about the dudes though, and I’ve been deep into Signora fan Tiktok at 3am more nights than I would like to admit. I think this video that eloquently expresses what we’re doing in Signora cutscenes describes it best. Ninguang has my heart, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t blow my Primogem stash to add Signora to my roster.

There are also some ridiculous glitches that have left me hooting, like this time where Childe just loses control of his leg in the most bizarre yoga pose or this one where Traveler meets a violent end mid-cutscene. Anyway, quick swerve. Here’s a really troubling one for you. Did you know that Timmie is a JRPG boss?

Honestly, the best Tiktoks come from Mikatsukitty though, who made this incredible callout post from Klee to Diluc, and this one where they accurately describe all of us who can’t choose between our favorites.

I’m sorry about the thousands of Tiktok links, and I really hope I didn’t break your browser, but the Genshin Impact community really is wild. Even if you’re just a casual player, the tag provides way too much fun when you’re mindlessly scrolling and can’t seem to sleep.

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