The Marsback Zephyr Pro computer gaming mouse hits all the right buttons

Professional gamers put in a lot of hours on their consoles and computers.

And there’s a growing number of general gamers who want to emulate their YouTuber heroes who are also willing to put in a huge shift in a bid to become the next big streaming sensation.

If you’re one of them and play your games on souped-up gaming PCs, rather than a PS5 or Xbox S/X, then one unexpected issue you may have come across in your long-playing hours is sweat.

Yes, there’s a problem with sweaty hands particularly around multiple hours of non-stop online gaming using a mouse to control your character.

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Hardware maker Marsback hopes to step in at this point with their new Zephyr Pro gaming mouse.

The selling point is as simple as it is gimmicky; The mouse has a built-in fan and its sole purpose is to keep your palm nice and cool as you game into the night, keeping the sweat at bay.

To compound this, they light the diagonally placed fan up in neon colours and fit a grill over the top so that your mouse has a perfectly sited honeycomb shell to maximise its use.

The result visually looks incredibly cool.

Although having given it a good go, I didn’t feel the fan itself was making much of an impact on me at the medium speed it was running.

It was silent, which is good because you don’t want to be distracted by a buzzing sound for hours on end.

But I’d question the benefit or need for this mouse based on its primary sales point.

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That said, the Zephyr Pro is actually a really excellent mouse in itself.

It’s incredibly lightweight, coming in at just 69g, and noticeably better than the HyperX Pulsefire Dart I’ve been using of late.

And actually the real selling point of this device for me was the 16,000 DPI gaming speed.

That’s basically when you can up the mouse sensitivity to crazy high levels to allow you to move your cursor or character across a screen in super-fast movements, allowing you to affect the action on screen in split-seconds, which gives you the edge over rivals.

That feels incredibly fine tuned and intuitive, perfectly balanced to give you a competitive edge. It’s a winner.

There’s free software too, which allows you to edit and configure the mouse buttons to ensure it fits your gameplay style for all kinds of scenarios.

The firm says its reliable Omron switches offer up to 50 million clicks, which shows this light device is nonetheless sturdy and long lasting.

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And just for that visual effect you can customise the awesome looking colour effects that roll around the base of the unit while playing.

It won’t help you win but it does make you feel like the boss.

The greaseproof matte coated Zephyr Pro is comfortable, tucking itself softly into the palm like all good gaming mice should.

The mouse feet are made of PTFE material to ensure a smooth movement and it has a thick 1.8m paracord cable, which is soft enough to reduce the interference caused by friction while being durable.

The Zephyr Pro gaming mouse has eight inputs, including its scroll wheel. The buttons are well laid out, with your thumb resting nicely on the forward and back buttons as you move the mouse around.

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The cooling system button and RGB lighting cycle button are sitting beneath the mouse.

Marsback reckons the gaming mouse is your no1 weapon in the battle to become a computer hero.

Well, despite its average gimmick, the Zephyr Pro offers an overall excellent all-round service in that fight and is well worth a look at it’s competitive £50 pricing.


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