Throw Anything to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse on PlayStation VR Next Week

Zombie videogames are still popular genre for developers to tap, with January seeing the release of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners by Skydance Interactive. And February will continue that trend, albeit in a somewhat different form. After an initial Early Access release on Steam in 2018, followed by a fully finished version later that same year virtual reality (VR) developer Visual Light will soon be porting Throw Anything to PlayStation VR.

Throw Anything is very much a light-hearted arcade videogame, where the action never lets up as you try to defend yourself from waves of hungry zombies. The gameplay hook is that you’re not on the ground trying to get headshots but instead stuck in a highrise building. Rather than being safe and secure, whiling away the apocalypse watching a bit of TV and relaxing on the sofa, these undead are more akin to those in World War Z, they know how to climb. Which means you need to stick your head out the window and knock the ravenous hordes off.

As the name of the title suggests this does mean using anything in the near vicinity as a weapon, lobbing it down and hopefully hitting one or more zombies in the process. This can be as simple as grabbing a guitar to throw or smashing up a sofa to use the parts, the environment is completely destructible. You’ll also find safes to unlock with gold bars inside or freezers filled with frozen food.

There are six stages to work through (one is new) with 5 mid-level bosses and 6 powerful “main” bosses to contend with. The PlayStation VR version also has several improvements to the PC VR version including a more intuitive reward system, rebalanced difficulty, a new item shop and improved graphics. An updated lobby allows you to take a break and throw some darts, shoot hoops and more.

As well as the home version, the studio has signed deals with VR arcade chains VR Junkies in the US and Ctrl V in Canada to bring Throw Anything to locations nation wide.

Throw Anything will be available for PlayStation VR on Thursday, 6th February, retailing for $18.99 USD. Additionally, an Oculus store port is also in the works. For further updates from Visual Light, keep reading VRFocus.

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