DJI debuts new enterprise drone and cameras

Just over a week after unveiling the Mavic Air 2, DJI today announced two new additions to its product portfolio: The Matrice 300 RTK (M300 RTK), an enterprise-focused drone platform; and the Zenmuse H20 series, a pair of hybrid multi-sensor cameras. Both were designed for aerial inspections and data collection missions of the sort some companies have launched to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

For its part, DJI says its enterprise and first responder customers are conducting remote outreach to homeless populations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and ensuring that beachgoers in Dayton Beach, Florida maintain social distancing guidelines. “With the M300 RTK flying platform and the Zenmuse H20 camera series, we are providing a safer and smarter solution to our enterprise customers” said DJI senior director of corporate strategy Christina Zhang. “This solution [promises to] significantly [enhance] operations across public safety, law enforcement, energy, surveying, and mapping as well as critical infrastructure inspections.”

M300 RTK

The M300 RTK, which DJI says is the first drone in its commercial portfolio to incorporate “modern aviation features,” packs a 6-directional sensing and positioning system (with a 40-meter horizontal range) and a battery that delivers on average 55 minutes of flight time. The M300 RTK’s enclosure is IP45 rated against debris ingress and its OcuSync Enterprise transmission system beams triple-channel 1080p video from up to 15 kilometers (26.46 miles) away. Other highlights include support for a maximum of three 2.7-kilogram (2.2-pound) payloads, AES-256 encryption for secure data transmission, AirSense (ADS-B) for enhanced airspace safety, and an anti-collision beacon for increased visibility.

Thanks in part to AirSense, the M300 RTK’s primary flight display shows flight and navigation data like altitude, speed, obstacle data, and other aircraft. Beyond this, the M300 RTK offers a new Advanced Dual Operator Mode that gives two pilots equal access to gain flight control priority, the transfer of which is displayed by a series of icons on the DJI Smart Controller Enterprise remote control. The drone also benefits from an integrated UAV Health Management system that provides an overview of critical systems, allowing admins to manage firmware updates across an entire fleet, track pilot hours, and review flight missions.

On the software side, the M300 RTK and the Zenmuse H20 series boast a suite of features dubbed Smart Pin & Track, one of which — PinPoint — allows users to mark subjects of interest and share location data with a second operator (or, if necessary, to ground teams via DJI’s FlightClub app). Another feature — Smart Track — lets drone pilots automatically detect and track moving objects even at “extreme” distances while updating the location in real-time.

M300 RTK’s and the Zenmuse H20 series’ Smart Inspection tools — which comprise Live Mission Recording, AI-Spot Check, and Waypoints 2.0 — optimize data collection in the course of power line, railway, and oil and gas inspections. Live MIssion Recording tapes automated missions on the fly, while AI-Spot Check performs comparisons between previously recorded subjects and a current live view. As for Waypoints 2.0, it delivers a mission planning system with support for up to 65,535 waypoints and consecutive actions, as well as third-party payloads.

DJI Zenmuse H20 series

DJI’s Zenmuse H20 series cameras are tailored for industrial applications and public safety missions, DJI says, with an IP44-rated enclosure and a feature called High-Res Grid Photo that captures imagery with the help of a grid overlay. One-Click Capture, a separate feature, records videos or photos of up to three cameras simultaneously without requiring an operator to manually switch between views or repeat a mission. And Night Scene provides clearer visibility in low-light environments.

The Zenmuse H20 series comes in two versions:

  • The H20, which has a 20-megapixel sensor with 23 times hybrid optical zoom; a 12-megapixel wide camera; and a laser range finder covering distances from 3 meters (9.8 feet) to 1,200 meters (3,937 feet).
  • The H20T, which adds a 640-by-512-pixel radiometric thermal camera that captures footage at 30 frames per second.

As with the M300 RTK, the Zenmuse H20 series can be controlled with the DJI Pilot app, which has been redesigned with a simplified zoom toggle and a field-of-view preview atop wide-angle and thermal camera footage. From the app, users can switch among various views, including the wide, zoom, and thermal cameras.

The M300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 series are available for pre-order starting today from official DJI Enterprise dealers. They’ll start shipping in Q2 2020.

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