Google Stadia Release Date, Price, and Preorder Guide

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Google’s upcoming cloud gaming initiative is called Stadia, and it promises to let you stream AAA-quality games to practically any device with a screen. Since Google does the heavy lifting on the server side, you don’t have to wait for the games to download or update, so you can start playing in as little as five seconds. And depending on the device, you can use controllers you already own to play Stadia games, or buy a special controller Google announced alongside the service.

For as much as we learned during the announcement, many questions about Google Stadia remain. We’ve assembled all of the available information regarding preordering below. As Google announces new info, we’ll update the article to keep it current.

Preorder Google Stadia Controllers

If you want to play games on your TV using Stadia, you’ll need to pick up a Chromecast dongle (unless your TV happens to have Chromecast built into it). Chromecast is available right now in two different models. Chromecast Ultra can display 4K UHD content (Stadia will be 4K-ready at launch) and connects to a wide array of streaming services. It also lets you stream Chromecast-compatible apps to your TV from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

  • See Chromecast Ultra (4K) at Walmart – $69
  • Also at Amazon

The less-expensive 3rd generation Chromecast can stream regular HD content from the same devices, but its built-in streaming services are more limited.

  • See Google Chromecast 3rd Gen at Walmart – $35
  • Also at Amazon

That’s about all we know so far in terms of preordering Stadia hardware. You can find many more details about the service in our Google Stadia rundown. To get further information as it becomes available, you can enter your email address on the Stadia site to receive news and offers directly from Google.

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