These Fantastic Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Bundles Just Got Steep Discounts

Gaming keyboards and mice can be expensive, especially since you need to buy both. That’s what makes the latest offer from Razer particularly exciting. The peripheral maker has discounted a number of keyboard-and-mouse bundles, each of which features a fantastic gaming keyboard and mouse for a great price. The bundles include various versions of the Razer Huntsman and Black Widow keyboards paired with either the Basilisk or Viper gaming mouse. This offers runs from now until June 17, and supplies are limited, so be sure to snag this deal before it goes away.

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Razer Blackwidow Elite keyboard with Basilisk Ultimate mouse

$230 ($340)

Razer’s Blackwidow Elite gaming keyboard comes with Razer’s Green switches, which produce an audible click with each press. It also features distinct, dedicated media buttons, which make it easy to pause and resume your music, videos, and more while gaming. The Razer Basilisk Ultimate mouse that it comes with is also excellent. It boasts a 20K DPI optical sensor for a huge range of adjustable sensitivity and a 100-hour battery life. It also comes with a charging dock, but you can also plug the cable directly in the mouse and use it wired.

Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard with Viper Ultimate mouse

$250 ($350)

The Razer Hunstman Elite is one of the best gaming keyboards out there, thanks in most part to its mechanical switches that feature an optical sensor. These make for incredibly fast actions and inputs. The Viper Ultimate is also a fantastic gaming mouse that features the same 20K DPI optical sensor as the Basilisk Ultimate as well as a 70-hour battery life. The Viper is an ambidextrous mouse that’s great for both left- and right-handed users. If you’re looking for a lightweight mouse that glides across a pad, then the Viper is an excellent choice.

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard with Viper mouse

$150 ($210)

The Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition gaming keyboard is a smaller, tenkeyless version of the Huntsman Elite. That means it doesn’t feature a number pad, but if you’re focusing on gaming, you don’t really need one. It’s still an incredible keyboard with the same optical-sensor switches as the Elite at a much cheaper price. The Viper mouse that’s included in this bundle is the wired version. It’s still one of the best gaming mice out there, you just don’t get the option to use it wirelessly.

Razer Blackwidow keyboard with Viper mouse

$140 ($200)

The Razer Blackwidow gaming keyboard is a much cheaper version than the Elite, which means it doesn’t feature the dedicated media buttons, the hard-metal chassis, or the padded wrist support. However, it still boasts the same clicky Green switches, making it a great gaming option. This bundle also comes with the wired Viper gaming mouse, which can’t be beat when it comes to lightweight mice.

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