Amazon Prime Day VR Headset Deals on HTC Vive, Oculus, and Pimax

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    Amazon’s annual deal day for its ‘Prime’ members is on, and there’s a handful of deals on VR headsets. Here’s the breakdown:

    Amazon Prime day offers exclusive deals to Prime members (you can get a free trial here). The deals will last until Tuesday night at 11:59PM PT.

    Amazon Prime Day VR Headset Deals


    • Vive Pro Starter Kit – $900 (18% discount)
    • Vive Pro Headset – $600 (25% discount)
    • Vive Wireless Adapter – $250 (17% discount)
    • Oculus

      • Oculus Go (32GB) – $160 (20% discount)
      • Oculus Go (64GB) – $210 (16% discount)


      • Pimax “5K” Plus – $635 (21% discount)
      • Pimax “5K” XR – $794 (21% discount)

      Other Deals

      It’s not a Prime Day deal, but the Samsung Odyssey+ Windows VR headset is on sale currently for $300 (40% discount) from both Microsoft and Samsung.

      Spot any good deals that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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