E3 2019: Firewall Zero Hour Studio Teases Multiplayer VR Shooter Solaris Offworld Combat

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First Contact Entertainment, the studio behind Firewall Zero Hour (2018) and Rom Extraction (2016), teased a new multiplayer shooter today called Solaris Offworld Combat.

The title was quickly mentioned during UploadVR’s E3 VR showcase, although there currently isn’t much to go on outside of what First Contact game director Damoun Shabs calls in the showcase clip a “fast-paced multiplayer shooter in VR,” so we’re still waiting on a trailer and screenshots of the game to see just what the studio has in store.

The game is set to be released “soon” on Quest and Rift (S). While not apparent from the announcement, the game’s website also indicates it will be available on PSVR.

Given the studio is targeting Quest and Rift S, both of which feature inside-out tracking, it will be interesting to see whether the game makes use of the headsets’ out-of-the-box 360 tracking volume, or include some of the standard locomotion methods more common to games seen on Rift. Seeing as PSVR is also supported, standard methods may apply, at least for that particular version.

We don’t know enough yet even to delve any further (speculatively speaking), although the game is coming soon, we should hopefully know more in the coming weeks.

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