E3 2019: Star Wars Vader Immortal is Coming to Rift June 20th

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Star Wars Vader Immortal – Episode 1 arrived on Oculus Quest late last month as a key launch title for the standalone headset. ILMxLab today announced that the Star Wars-themed experience is getting ready to launch it on Rift & Rift S soon.

ILMxLab says it will be available on the Rift platform starting June 20th. Oculus additionally says that it supports cross-buy, meaning if you own it on Quest, you’ll also be able to download it on Rift (S) for free. Star Wars Vader Immortal – Episode 1 normally costs $10.

While the game is a narrative-based adventure at its core, and really only offers about 45 minutes of story content, the experience also features a surprisingly fun ‘Lightsaber Dojo’ that offers hours of engaging challenges too.

Road to VR’s Ben Lang says in our review that Lightsaber Dojo mode made for at least three hours of challenging gameplay. Although it’s wave-based, Lang says he was surprised at just how fun it was.

“I can see myself pushing to make it to the last stage and sharing it with friends in the future,” Lang writes. “For the collectors among you, there’s a series of different lightsaber colors and hilts to be unlocked by scoring well on each wave.”

Read our full review of the experience and mini-game here to learn more.

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