'Echo Combat' Not Currently in the Works for Oculus Quest – Road to VR

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If you were hoping for the Rift-exclusive team shooter Echo Combat (2018) to eventually make its way to Quest after developers Ready at Dawn ported the zero-G sports game Echo VR, you’d better not hold your breath.

“To put it simply, we are not working on bringing Echo Combat to Quest. If there are any changes in the future, we’ll let you know at that time,” the studio says in a recent update.

Granted, you can play Echo Combat on Quest provided you have a Link cable and VR-ready PC, but that’s little solace to Quest users stuck behind the invisible wall as their fellow competitors on Rift fly off to gear up for team shooting action.

“Right now we’re focused on new features and tools for Echo VR, some of which have been in the works for a while whereas others are newer but vital to ensuring the game is fun and welcoming for all Echo Units,” the studio concludes.

While the game’s sportier half is free on both Quest and Rift, Echo Combat is a paid game on Rift, priced at $10 as an in-app purchase. It’s possible Ready at Dawn simply can’t dedicate the time to the lengthy beta testing that it did with Echo VR on Quest; the company’s sequel to Lone Echo (2017) has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which may explain some of their reasoning behind the lack of Echo Combat on Quest.

Check out the trailer below to see some of the objective-based 4v4 shooting action you’re missing out on:

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