'FitXR' Update Adds Formula One-style High Intensity Interval Training Exercises – Road to VR

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FitXR, the subscription-based VR workout app for Oculus Quest, launched its third in-game exercise regime which brings High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to the mix.

HIIT is the FitXR’s third ‘studio’, which follows the addition of in-game Box and Dance studios. The developers say the new HIIT studio includes instructor-led exercises and reaction-based fitness games like professional F1 driver reaction training.

Divided into two main areas, the company says its new ‘Fitness Activity’ classes are based on functional movement and incorporate different directions for specific muscle groups. The ‘Reaction Activity’ classes require speed and quick reactions as you punch at a grouping of fast-paced targets.

Unlike rhythm-based games, HIIT is based on completing blocks of exercises. The studio says it provides “higher calorie burn, increased metabolic rate and improved oxygen consumption.” Like the rest of the FitXR app, HIIT can be played in either solo or multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is a real-time group workout of up to 6 people.

FitXR is available for a free seven-day trial, although you’ll need to sign up for the $10 per month service to get it. The game only recently switched to the subscription-based model; if you owned it when it was a one-time purchase with optional DLC, you’ll need to pony up for the full subscription to unlock the rest of the workouts—or move on to a number of other top non-subscription fitness apps.

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