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    Missed the Quest Winter Sale? Meta is offering up another opportunity to nab more paid Quest games on the cheap, including game bundles and a ton of top VR games.

    The Quest ‘Celebrate 2023 Sale’ is going from now until January 2nd at 11:59 PM PT (local time here), offering up to 40% off individual games.

    Don’t forget to check out all of the best free games and apps on Quest too, many of which we would have gladly paid for.

    Quest Game Packs*

    • Vader Immortal Pack ($20.99): Vader Immortal Episodes 1-3
    • Chart Toppers Pack ($49.99): SUPERHOT VR, Contractors, Vacation Simulator
    • Survival Mode Pack ($59.99): Into the Radius VR, Red Matter 2, Green Hell VR
    • Fight and Flight Pack ($55.99): After the Fall, Warplanes: Battles over Pacific, GORN
    • Virtual Surreality Pack ($45.99): Arizona Sunshine, Walkabout Mini Golf, Job Simulator
    • Sports Central Pack ($45.99): GOLF+, The Thrill of the Fight, The Climb 2
    • *Note: Meta does dynamic bundle pricing, so if you already own a game in a pack above, the overall price will automatically adjust.

      Top Quest Games

      GameSale PriceOriginalDiscount
      The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners$29.99$39.99-25%
      Into the Radius VR$25.49$29.99-15%
      Job Simulator$14.99$19.99-25%
      SUPERHOT VR$17.49$24.99-30%
      Creed: Rise to Glory$22.49$29.99-25%
      Resident Evil 4$27.99$39.99-30%
      Vacation Simulator$22.49$29.99-25%
      Eleven Table Tennis$14.99$19.99-25%
      Green Hell VR$22.49$29.99-25%
      Arizona Sunshine$29.99$39.99-25%
      Walkabout Mini Golf VR$10.49$14.99-30%
      Trover Saves the Universe$19.49$29.99-35%
      Red Matter 2$20.99$29.99-30%
      After the Fall$27.99$39.99-30%
      I Expect You to Die$16.99$24.99-32%
      I Expect You to Die 2$16.99$24.99-32%
      A Township Tale$6.49$9.99-35%
      Moss: Book II$22.49$29.99-25%
      Cosmonious High$22.49$29.99-25%
      Warplanes: Battle over Pacific$12.99$19.99-35%
      2MD: VR Football Unleashed ALL-STAR$10.49$14.99-30%
      Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street$13.99$19.99-30%
      The Climb 2$19.49$29.99-35%
      Ultrawings 2$16.99$24.99-32%
      The Thrill of the Fight$7.49$9.99-25%
      Ancient Dungeon$14.99$19.99-25%

      This is just a big slice of the games currently on offer for the Celebrate 2023 Quest Sale, but you can find the full list over at the Meta Quest Store, available from now until January 2nd, 2023.

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