'Space Junkies' Now Supports Move Controllers on PSVR – Road to VR

Ubisoft recently pushed an update to the PSVR version of Space Junkies (2019), the zero-g arena shooter, that finally brings PS Move support to the game.

Launched simultaneously on the PlayStation Store, Steam, and the Oculus Store back in March, Space Junkies boasts support for all major tethered VR headsets. However its launch on PSVR left something to be desired, as PSVR users were relegated to using the DualShock 4 gamepad while players on Vive and Rift made full use of their respective motion controllers.

Initially, launching the PSVR version with gamepad-only controls was done out of necessity—Move’s inherent lack of thumbsticks or large enough touchpad would make quick, accurate control of the player a much harder prospect. To keep PSVR users competitive (Ubisoft is couching Space Junkies as a budding eSport), the studio made the compromise to leave out Move support at launch.

In a new video (linked blow), Ubisoft Montpellier’s Adrian Lace explains some the changes that have come now that PS Move is supported. Lace says PSVR users can now do a number of movements once only possible on Vive/Rift, including grabbing your sword or shield by reaching to your shoulder, and locomoting left and right by pressing either ‘triangle’ or ‘square’ to rotate smoothly.

While having to use PS Move’s tiny buttons for fine control is admittedly not ideal, it at least now gives users an extra dose of immersion as they can now shoot guns using their own two hands—and to say the least—use the game’s smartwatch-style UI. You can check out the video below.

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