3D Technology in Fashion: Mayam 3D Studio Debuted with a Conceptual Digital Movie at IDFW

Avatars, new skins – everything that has long been an everyday feature of the gaming industry has become a new branch for the fashion segment. Mayam Digital Studio has adapted all the achievements of 3D technology for the fashion market. And the way they do is very different from the virtual catwalk. They produce real fashion films there with storylines, protagonists, and avatars. Here’s a video of the film the studio showcased at International Digital Fashion Week.

This is not a futuristic animated film, as it may seem at the beginning. But a conceptual story. The fascinating fact is that the flying character is an avatar of a real-life model, Ksenia Bezuglova. Being a stunning model in wheelchair, social activist, winner of the title Miss World among girls in wheelchairs, and a motivational speaker, Ksenia is our ambassador of new era superpowers. Which, Mayam believes, will soon be available to all people.

The second show by MAYAM was created for Ecoolska. The brand name already hints at eco-friendliness. In confirmation of this statement, designer Olga Skazkina and MAYAM produced a fashion show condemning the fashion industry. The fantastic 3D dystopia shows where fast fashion and overproduction can result if the industry doesn’t change anything.

Anna Grin(CEO of Mayam) insists on the positive features of developing the 3D technologies field not only in fashion. She is already working on different ideas of using avatars like avatars for disabled people, avatars-virtual museums guides, chat-bots, and others. Also, almost all people will have their avatars in the next future. Obviously, this is already much more than a fashion trend but a tendency.