A Ukrainian Company VektorT13 Shakes the Cybersecurity World with Its Technological Breakthrough

VectorT13 is an inspiring Ukrainian company that impressed the entire world of cybersecurity and technologies with its approach. Thanks to an innovative and unique Antidetect system, every ethical hacker can easily spot any kind of bugs and protect personal data.

Antidetect is a new trend on the internet, and Vektor13 created a learning program that teaches users how to interact with Antidect and become an ethical hacker with little to no prior experience, News.yahoo.com says. It demonstrates how to use the antifrauding system and how their personal data is protected from the outside world and cybercriminals.

VektorT13 Technologies Displays Bug Bounty Innovation Awards for Ethical Hackers

The Antidetect system

VektorT13 developed the Antidetect system as a way for users to create multiple accounts, customize their anonymity, and test programs. It utilizes virtual machines to encrypt data and allows users to make unique online personalities for their websites and installed software. Identifiers and fingerprints that detect a user’s hardware, operating system, and browser information are spoofed through Antidetect such that the user’s personal data is not revealed.

Antidetect allows users to create millions of different personalities on one PC. The system protects users, their personal data and their interests by allowing them to create and configure emulated hardware of their choosing through virtual machines. As an antifraud system, it receives regular updates and accessible customer service and technical support for any users with questions. It permits users to check the fraud score of suspicious emails and phone numbers.

The system does not collect or store any private user data but rather masks it. Some browser antidetect systems are cloud-based and store a user’s private data – IP address, actions performed, and when the browser was launched. These cloud-based systems allow a user’s data to be schematically monetized whereas Antidetect does not steal a user’s data, ideas, or solutions for any reason.

The antifraud system course

VectorT13 Technologies collaborated with Cyberyozh Academy to develop the “Ethical hacking of antifraud system” course. It is a unique 5-month training program that is designed to teach users how to work with Antidetect and learn the strategies that cybercriminals employ to launch cybercriminal attacks on websites and software.

The educational course aims to teach users how to test their custom websites and services for bugs and learn how cybercriminals are able to exploit vulnerabilities. In some scenarios, a cybersecurity team tests bugs in their website using checklists that do not relate to real cybercriminal attacks and practices.

The program outlines how users, who are working in the IT security department, can check websites for vulnerabilities against popular cybercriminal schemes and consult professional businesses on how they can receive antifraud protection. For business-oriented users, the course demarcates how they can bypass regional and verification methods without being blocked. At the end of the course, users will know the minds of cybercriminals, see vulnerabilities in existing web services and applications, and take the steps necessary to prevent fraud as cyberdetectives.

About VektorT13

VektorT13 – Dmytro Momot – is an information security specialist who works with anonymity and internet security. In the IT security market, he is known for being knowledgeable in forensic analysis, security for both SS7 networks and mobile devices, anti-fraud systems, and protection against deanonymization. He regularly speaks at various conferences in Europe about IT security and consults with large companies about their security issues.