Amazing fan footage of GTA 6 shows what Rockstar’s next big game could look like

It's been years since GTA V was released— and fans of Rockstar's bestselling game are growing impatient.

There's been no trailer, only some leaks of 'early development footage' accessed illegally by hackers.

Rockstar confirmed that the leaked footage and videos were real, but had been 'illegally' accessed and that it is still waiting to "properly introduce" the game when it is ready.

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In the meantime, one YouTube channel has decided to create its own imagined fan version of the upcoming game in Unreal Engine 5 with stunning results.

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Eagle-eyed GTA fans will notice that the diner is called Suzys Diner. A diner location featured in an alleged leaked video of the upcoming Rockstar game, where the player character was engaged in a shootout.

Since Rockstar confirmed GTA 6 was in the works last February, there's been almost no more details about the game.

Meanwhile, GTA 5 has sold 110 million copies since its initial release and continues to be played. Guess we'll just have to do with that in the meantime—and maybe a few more fan-made YouTube videos.


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