Forget EA Sports FC 24, Pro Evo sequel eFootball 2024 is out now – and it’s free

If you’re a football fan looking to save some money in the run up to Christmas, then you might want to give eFootball 2024 a try. The Pro Evolution Soccer successor has just been given a big new update for the new season. This includes updated squad information, improved gameplay based on user-feedback, plus the addition of brand new features like Boosters in Dream Team. Best of all, eFootball 2024 is completely free to download and play.

Konami explains more: “Since launch, Konami have been working to iteratively improve the game and provide the best possible football sim experience to the player community. eFootball 2024 is another landmark in this journey.

“In this update, Konami has prioritised gathering user feedback and further enhancing the immersion and realism that eFootball brings.”

According to Konami, eFootball 2024 includes the likes of Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Arsenal, and Barcelona.

“These teams, and more, will see their kits, stadiums, and squads updated in-game to reflect the new season, with some of world football’s biggest transfer news stories having surrounded them this summer,” Konami continues.

“eFootball also remains the only place where users can play in such iconic venues such as Allianz Arena, Spotify Camp Nou, San Siro, and Stadio Olimpico.”

Check out the new trailer for eFootball 2024 below…

Boosters, meanwhile, give fans the ability to enhance the attributes of their favourite players. You can even go beyond the traditional 99 ability limit.

There’s also the launch of the new Startup Campaign, while Lionel Messi has retained his position as the Global Ambassador.

Speaking of Messi, while the core game is free, Konami is selling a Lionel Messi-themed special edition featuring a variety of bonuses.

Not only will you be able to use Messi in your team, but you’ll receive Booster bonuses, ten Player Cards, virtual currency and more.

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