Fortnite on PS5 adds in Lego survival, Rocket Racing and music game Festival

Fortnite has added in three big new updates that give you some cracking games to play within the game.

You can now try your hand at survival game Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing and music title Fortnite Festival within the free-to-play shooter.

They’re all great fun and really helps to build out the options for play in Fortnite, like what you get in kids favourite Roblox.

Lego Fortnite sees you become a classic brick characand introduces vast, open worlds where it’s all about building a base, crafting a world for yourself while fending off baddies and monsters.

Designed for people of all ages to enjoy together, the game encourages creativity, experimentation and collaboration through play.

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Then you’ve got Rocket Racing, which is a speedy arcade car racing game made by Psyonix, the developer behind the ever-popular Rocket League game.

You can race your mates, drift, fly, and boost through an ever-growing selection of tracks in the colourful and fast driving title.

Fortnite Festival is a music game developed by Rock Band maker Harmonix.

And it’s very much in that vein, with you teaming up with other players and pals to each play a band part in a concert.

So one of you drums, the other plays guitar or bass, maybe even keytar, all trying to hit the right button presses at the right rhythm to rack up scores.

Pop star The Weeknd kicked off Fortnite Festival Season 1 last week as the game’s first Music Icon, and there will be tons of tracks to play in the coming weeks and months ahead.

It comes after Epic Games broke a record to host 100 million Fortnite players in November.

The game is becoming a colossus and well worth delving into if you’re looking for a free title for Christmas.

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