Free games for the weekend – Tekken, Farming Simulator, Ghostrunner 2 and more

With new releases like EA Sports FC 24, Starfield, Payday 3 and Mortal Kombat 1 coming thick and fast, it’s an expensive time to be a gamer. Fortunately, if you’re looking to save some cash, there are a number of free games and experiences available for the likes of PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Indeed, ahead of the Tekken 8 closed beta test, fighting fans can check out its predecessor Tekken 7 for free as part of Microsoft’s Free Play Days promotion on Xbox. 

Available to Xbox Game Pass Core and Ultimate subscribers, Tekken 7 is free to play until the morning of September 25.

If you enjoy the free trial and want to continue playing, you can pick up Tekken 7 for the discounted price of £7.99 on Xbox consoles.

Other games available as part of Microsoft’s Free Play Days promotion for Xbox include Farming Simulator 22 and State of Decay 2.

Similar to Tekken 7, both games are playable for free for Xbox Game Pass Core subscribers, and both are available at discounted prices for anybody who wants to continue playing.

Farming Simulator 22 is reduced to £27.39, while hugely popular survival game State of Decay 2 costs just £7.49.

Speaking of State of Decay 2, the zombie horror game is also available as a free download on Steam for a limited time. 

Trailer for fighting game TEKKEN 7

Over on the Epic Games Store, gaming fans can download and keep Out of Line and The Forest Quartet. Both games are available for free until the afternoon of September 28, at which point they’ll be replaced by Model Builder and Soulstice.

Out of Line is a colourful side-scrolling puzzle game in which the lead character San attempts to escape the factory that was once home.

The Forest Quartet, on the other hand, is an emotionally charged 3D adventure game: “The Forest Quartet is a 3D narrative puzzler about a gone, but not forgotten, lead singer.

“Play her spirit and travel through 3 acts unique to the members of her band for a final farewell concert. Face their emotions, solve puzzles and fight the corruption plaguing their souls.”

Sadly, while there are no new free games on PS5, there are a few demos available for fans to check out.

This includes first-person speed-running game Ghostrunner 2, which takes place on year after the events of the original.

“Blood will run in the highly anticipated hardcore FPP slasher set one year after the events of Ghostrunner,” reads the official description.

“Adventure through a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future that takes place after the fall of the Keymaster, a tyrant who ruled over Dharma Tower, the last refuge of mankind. Jack is back to take on the violent AI cult that has assembled outside Dharma Tower and shape the future of humanity.”

Other PS5 demos include strategy RPG Cross Tails, role-playing adventure game Star Ocean The Second Story R, and Disgaea 7.

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