Half of Brits have never played Poker, but a third reckon they’d be a ‘dab hand’

Nearly half of adults (45%) have had a go at gambling at some point in their lives – but half have never played a round of Poker, research has revealed.

Other gambling games that leave them stumped include roulette (30%) and slot machines (23%), while over four in ten have no idea how to play Blackjack.

And when it comes to placing bets on sporting events, nearly one in four (23%) would have no idea how to get involved with horse racing, while 37% said the same about boxing matches.

However, one in three (34%) of those who have never had a go at Poker reckon they would be a dab hand at it, due to their ability to keep calm – while 19% consider themselves good fibbers, which could help them reap success.

Despite this confidence, 29% feel intimidated by the idea of going into a casino – with 23% worried they will do “the wrong thing”, while 19% fear being judged for not knowing the rules of a betting game.

And 37% are held back by their lack of knowledge around these games – with 29% preferring to gamble in an online environment, while just 18% would rather visit a real-life casino.

A spokesman for Lottoland.co.uk, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s understandable so many people feel somewhat intimated walking into casinos, especially if they are new to some of the games and don’t want to appear as a newbie.

“Some casino games take a certain level of skill and understanding – so it makes total sense that lots of us would prefer to get the practice in from the comfort of our own homes with an online casino, before we hit the floor.”

However, despite their lack of gaming know-how, Brits aren’t completely ignorant to the rules of popular card games – as 62% know how to play a simple game of Snap, while 61% are familiar with Solitaire. But one in three dread the moment someone suggests teaching them how to play a new card game.

And 28% admitted they aren’t very good at “reading” other people – which would damper their chances if they were to ever have a go at Texas Hold-‘em.

Despite this, 23% find it entertaining to watch a game of Poker, even if they aren’t much of a “card shark” themselves, according to the OnePoll data.

The study also found that, of the 45% that have tried gambling at one point or another, 32% prefer placing their bets on games with an element of skill, rather than leaving things to chance.

And 45% of those who would be happy to visit a physical casino, would love to take a trip to Caesar’s Palace in the gaming capital of the world – Las Vegas, USA.

The spokesman for Lottoland’s casino added: “It’s interesting to see how many people believed they’d be a dab hand at poker if they just gave it a try.

“And for those who do think they’d have a secret mastery of card games, but aren’t quite ready to hit the casinos, then dipping your toe in with an online version can be a great test of your skills.”

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