PS Plus price rise: Save £23 on PlayStation Plus if you act NOW

Sony has some bad news for Playstation fans – the price of PS Plus subscriptions is set to skyrocket very soon.

The PS Plus subscription offers incredible value as it allows PS5 owners to access online multiplayer and voice chat with friends and family, while also offering access to new games each month on the console. 

Starting from September 6, the cost of PS Plus is set to rise significantly – costing players an extra £20 every year for the same features. The new prices are as follows:

  • Playstation Plus Essential rises from £49.99 to £59.99 (12-month plan)
  • Playstation Plus Extra rises from £83.99 to £99.99 (12-month plan)
  • Playstation Plus Premium rises from £99.99 to £119.99 (12-month plan)

That’s a steep rise – but there are ways that you can get in quickly before the price rise comes into effect on September 6. Yes, Many third-party websites are selling PS Plus codes for cheaper than the current price, which is in turn much, much more affordable than the new pricing set to debut on September 6.

For example, CJS CDKeys is currently selling 12-month PS Plus codes for below the standard price, so you’ll want to get them before they’re gone. Of course, if you’re signed-up for the next 12-months with an existing subscription you will not be impacted by the price rise on September 6.

Here’s a list of the places you can get a cheap 12 month PS Plus deal before September 6.

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If you love all those amazing extras that come with PS Plus Premium then CJS CDKEYS is offering a 12 month subscription for less than £100.

The price hike will see the price skyrocket to £119.99 this week so make sure you get it quick. 

Enjoy dipping into all the free games that PS Plus Extra likes to offer?

The good news is the CJS CDKeys is offering 12 months of PS Plus Extra for just £77.94 compared to the £99.99 it will cost after the price hike.

Stock won’t last forever so make sure you’re quick!

If you want to lock in a year’s worth of PS Plus Essential before the dreaded price rise, CJS is offering a 12-month subscription for just £45.59.

CJS has almost five stars on TrustPilot, has no hidden fees and PayPal is accepted.

Make sure you lock in before the major price hike this week.

CDKeys is currently offering a major deal on a £50 top-up card for Playstation users that you can use for PS Plus and store purchases.

It’s perfect if you want to buy a yearly subscription and maybe have a little left over to buy a game from the PS Store.

What has Sony and gamers said about the price rises?

Sony has said that the reason for the price rises means so it can “continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service”.

It has even led some people to claim they are going to cancel their PS Plus memberships.

According to GamerRant, Reddit user named Certified_human1 has made a post that highlights the process of canceling a PS Plus subscription.

Many users in the comments section claim to have canceled their PlayStation Plus memberships as a result of the price increase.

One user mentions that they wanted to downgrade to the Essential tier, as they already have a huge backlog of games they want to play, but they are going to cancel the subscription altogether as a result of this increase.


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