Roblox PS4 and PS5 release date, launch time and TOP experiences to play first

Despite attracting tens of millions of players worldwide, it’s hard to believe that Roblox has never appeared on PlayStation… until now. The hugely popular online gaming platform is finally about to make its debut on PS4 and PS5, nearly eight years after first appearing on Xbox. If you want to create your own games or play one of the many thousands of user-generated experiences already available, then check out the Roblox for PlayStation launch guide below.

The good news is that you won’t have to wait much longer to experience the action, because Roblox has an October 10 release date on PlayStation.

Judging by the countdown clock on the PlayStation Store page, Roblox will have a 6pm BST launch time for fans living in the UK.

Better yet, Roblox is completely free to download and play, although there is an in-game currency called Robux, which can be used to upgrade your avatar and pay for certain games. You can also use Robux to purchase private servers where you can invite friends to play.

The developers explain more: “Roblox is a global platform where millions of people gather together every day to imagine, create, and share experiences with each other in immersive, user-generated 3D worlds.

“The types of gameplay on Roblox are just as limitless as the imagination of the creators themselves.

“All the online games you see on the platform have been built by members of the Roblox community for members of the Roblox community. Players can build the ultimate theme park, compete as a professional race car driver, star in a fashion show, become a superhero, or simply design a dream home and hang out with friends.”

With Roblox about to be introduced to a whole new audience, the creators of the game have sent over a list of ten experiences to try on PS4 and PS5.

10 Experiences to Check Out When Roblox Comes to PlayStation…

1. Frontlines — a high-fidelity FPS experience that pushed the boundaries of tech and quickly went viral in 2023, capturing the attention of the industry and those outside the Roblox community

2. DOORS — a viral horror experience launched late last year that has amassed a staggering 3.9 billion visits to date and has been the focus of numerous videos

3. Vans World — one of the longest running brand experiences on Roblox, with 100M visits and skating physics grounded in real world techniques

4. Alo Sanctuary — an immersive wellness space for yoga and meditation that has taught people around the world about the value of yoga and meditation in fun and engaging ways

5. Jailbreak — a cops and robbers Roblox classic experience with 6.5B visits that people love to play with their friends

6. TWICE Square — an immersive fan hub experience for fans of the K-Pop band TWICE that has garnered over 67 million visits to date with millions of fan notes left for the band since its March launch

7. World // Zero — favorited over 1.6M times and visited over 300M times, the universe inside this open world battle experience is like no other

8. Rolling Thunder — a realistic military first-person action game in a full-scale 25vs25 battlefield with nearly 25M visits

9. Eternal Heroes — a brand new 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) made by developer studio Supersolid, a UK-based team creating games since 2012 for Apple App Store, Google Play and Roblox

10. Berry Avenue RP — a roleplay experience created by another UK-based development studio, who has amassed nearly 2 billion visits for this iconic experience alone

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