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Before Insomniac created its stellar Spider-Man trilogy and before Treyarch redefined web-swinging with the 2004 Spider-Man 2 movie tie-in game, the folks at Neversoft gave Spidey fans the best example of wall-crawling video game excellence with its 2000 take on the character. Spider-Man sees the friendly neighborhood hero battle a star-studded gallery of villains in an original adventure chock full of comic book goodness. As Spider-Man’s first fully 3D action-adventure game, it laid the groundwork for mechanics such as web-swinging, a variety of web shooter attacks, and wall-crawling stealth gameplay. Join Marcus Stewart and Kyle Hilliard as they find out how Spider-Man holds up 23 years later. 

Part 1 – 19 Polygons of Venom
Part 2 – Our Villain Origin Stories
Part 3 – Stop the Presses
Part 4 – Roof Tiles Between Your Toes

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Spider-Man (2000)

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