Transform Your Style: The Comprehensive Guide to Wearing Big Hats –

Accessories are capable of either making or breaking your outfit. They appropriately distinguish between who has merely good taste and who has style. Accessories also pull your dressing together and give your appearance a precise definition. For instance, a black dress can become transformed from casual to formal, based on the shoes, jewelry, and bag accompanying it.

That said, one accessory that should never leave your go-to list is a hat. They are not only to be worn during cold weather. They have an objective in the fashion and practical aspects of life. Meanwhile, big hats are a trendy accessory which could make your spring clothing memorable.

Big hats can help you maintain your body heat, as well as help you cover up a bad hair day. With several styles and designs available, it is certain you will find the big hat that will become a staple in your wardrobe and have your style awesomely transformed.

Benefits of Big Hats

They are Usually a Perfect Fit

Big hats (which can also be referred to as XXL hats) are particularly designed to allow bigger head sizes, thereby enabling a secure and comfortable fit.

Various Style Options

Big hats are available in several styles, giving room for you to exhibit your personality and complement your clothing with ease.

Protection from Sun

A lot of big hats have wide brims or additional features such as UPF protection, making sure you remain safeguarded from the harmful rays of the sun.

Getting Your Perfect Size

Accurate Measurement

In order to get the perfect fit for your desired big hat, you need to first measure the circumference of your head by using a flexible tape measure.

Hat Sizing Chart

Hat sizing charts which are often provided by retailers can also be useful in matching your head circumference along with the corresponding size of the big hat.

Adjustable Properties

There are big hats that have adjustable straps or bands. That added feature is what will always make it possible to customize the fit, so as to aid maximum comfort.

Classification of Big Hats


Whenever you consider chic and timeless big headwear, the fedora makes the list. Its big brim is highly fashionable and attractive. Although some people trash fedoras, it is safe to say they probably don’t know how they can be styled. Monochrome clothing is a good way to get into the big hat lover’s paradise.

You can keep your grand fedora bright to be matched with a pair of shoes and a purse. With a brim that properly branches out to your shoulders, you can always appear flawless.

Big and Furry Hats

Since big hats help to make a statement, then you can regard them as your crown jewel. Meanwhile, playing around with texture is an exciting method to include dimension to your look. Your bold and furry hat can help you emphasize color in your outfit.

Note that accent shades in your bottom and top only come together whenever they get highlighted in your add-ons (accessories). This method of styling prevents your hat from being disjointed from the rest of your clothing. Rather, it will fit in to be the big and comfortable cherry on top.

Big Boater Hats

If you are bothered that your hat will be covering your hair or face, worry no more. This is because boater hats are the perfect headwear to focus on the back of your head. In order to highlight your features, the brim generates a symmetrical silhouette that frames your face. Moreover, styling quite off-center allows your fringe or bangs to be displayed.

Considering the fact that the boater hat has a simple, structured design, it can be well-paired with virtually anything. You can also choose to keep it casual or express elegance by having it paired with fun pumps and a modern top.

Beach Hats

Beach hats are known to be big and floppy kinds. Apart from being fabulous, they are also highly functional. This is because they hinder the sun from marring your makeup, as well as improve your outfit from being merely basic. Interestingly, even if you do not intend to spend one day on the sand, you can still throw in your bouncy beach hat.

Cowboy Hats

Cowboys have a highly remarkable style. Fringe jackets, boots, and certainly the big hats, are dapper garbs that have been brought into the fashion world. Putting on an oversized cowboy hat is an awesome way you can embrace big hats. There are numerous trendy ways by which you can style your cowboy hat. They include going fully Western or the entire opposite for a stylish, modern take.

Whichever way you decide to complement your headwear, ensure you bear in mind that your hat is the star, and it does not necessarily have to be a particular color of a cowboy hat. Pastel colors, leather, or prints all function for a glam headpiece.


Feathers are a luxurious way to illustrate your statement hat. It is a big hat that completes your statement by putting an exclamation point. With your feathers, you can choose to mute your outfit in order to allow your big hat to stand out, or wear an accessory that matches, to push the boundaries opposite of minimalism.

Regardless of your choice, just be ready for all the focus you and your big hat will get, as your big hat will make a statement, whether you would like them to or not.

Understand Big Hats

Big hats were made with larger head sizes in mind. They provide a roomier fit and can be seen in various styles, including fedoras, big boater hats, cowboy hats, etc. They have been designed to give maximum comfort without the style being compromised.

Therefore, do not allow a big head size to limit your choice of hat. Big hats give the ideal fit with the necessary protection for those with big heads. Approve your peculiar style, and explore the wide range of XXL hats you can find, prioritizing both comfort and confidence on all occasions. Hence, go ahead and make a courageous fashion statement!

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