Gangs of Sherwood is a decent PS5 steampunk take on the Robin Hood legend

This is a steampunk style alternative reality telling of the classic Robin Hood tale and is decent but not outstanding.

The idea, and the visuals, are strong and provide the hook to the game.

You get to play one of either Robin, Little John, Maid Marion or Friar Tuck as your awesome foursome lead a rebellion against the Sheriff of Nottingham and his armies.

The story is as ever, they have taken over and subjected the people of England to a new era of tyranny.

But that’s where things take quite a turn.

Visually it is quite striking, with mechanical beasts and heavily armoured baddies at their disposal. A mixed world of Ye Olde Robin Hood and dirty technology.

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You can play multiplayer co-op with three others where you and your friends take the role as one of the Merry Men.

Or you can go solo and play the story along on your own.

Each protagonist has a unique play style, so with Robin it’s very much firing arrows and using your bow as a melee weapon in close combat.

Little John likes to bash everyone with his mechanical arm and shoot out deadly lasers.

Tuck, a monk as before, heals other players with his mead and creates shockwaves or fire pillars with a massive weapon.

And Marion wields chains that she can lash out at baddies from afar.

The evil ones themselves are bullet sponges, with every direct hit clocking up combo points as they enter the fray from imperial drop ships above or side gates.

And you’ll regularly get scored like in a school report for your ability to divvy out mass death in the most competitive ways.

The story isn’t much to write home about and the boss fights are okay but not outstanding, like with Soulslike games.

But it is good fun and offers almost too wild on-screen battles at its best, it can be quite overwhelming with so much going on.

This doesn’t beat anything out there but it does offer a decent fighting game with a unique twist on a classic Nottingham legend.


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