Ghostrunner 2 on PS5 is a fast and brutal sequel for reflex-focused gamers

The makers behind this series have doubled down on the super fast twitch gameplay for Ghostrunner 2.

Don’t expect them to have totally reinvented the wheel for the sequel, it’s more like subtle tweaks here and there to elevate what is a frantic fighting franchise to the next level.

In the first game players ascended humanity’s last refuge, Dharma Tower – a city plagued by violence, poverty, and chaos.

Here we pick up in the power vacuum left behind after the death of the vicious tyrant Keymaster.

Liberated folk form new groups and the Tower has again descended into a dystopian Blade Runner-esque horror future of death and neon lighting.

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What all that means effectively is you’ve got to go in a slash the hell out of everyone.

So from the off it’s ridiculously fast-paced action as you run, dash, skid and parkour your way across open levels, fending off attacks and destroying baddies in a flurry of violence.

The soundtrack is pumping as your hero Jack acrobats his way almost ballet-like across huge metallic areas, executing multiple enemies in mere seconds.

It’s twitchy stuff, with your button-bashing needing to be tip-top to avoid making a fatal hair-trigger error that ends in instant death.

And it’s addictive stuff too, as you slowly die and die again, often learning slowly how to beat each level or boss fight.

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The makers have added in new abilities and a speedy motorbike racing mode to shake up the formula.

But they’ve wisely kept to what made the original game so much fun and the pace is crazy fast as the difficulty ramps up.

If you liked the first Ghostrunner it’s a no brainer, for those not into reflex-focused gaming, maybe wait until it drops in price.


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