Baby Steps Launches On PS5 And PC Next Summer

Bennett Foddy, the developer behind Getting Over It, released another trailer for Baby Steps during today’s PlayStation State of Play. Foddy, along with fellow developers Gabe Cuzzillo and Maxi Boch, are bringing Baby Steps to PlayStation 5 next summer. 

Today’s trailer stopped short of revealing a more exact release date, though. Baby Steps was revealed during a June PlayStation State of Play earlier this year. In it, players control Nate, an “unemployed failson with nothing going for him until one day, he discovers a power he never knew he had: putting one foot in front of the other.” And as you might expect, players will control Nate on his journey to discover more of the world around him. 

Check out the new Baby Steps trailer for yourself below:

Baby Steps will hit PlayStation 5 and PC during the summer of 2024. 

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