Drive Pivotal – Make the most of Pivotal EVs and its Congestion Charge exemption –

Driving through London poses several challenges. The busy environment within the capital means that roads can be extremely busy and some lanes are off-limits to certain vehicles.

On top of that, there are other charges to consider. The Congestion Charge has been around for a long time now, every Londoner is familiar with the scheme by now.

This article looks at how you can avoid paying Congestion Charge with our range of electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles and the Congestion Charge

The Congestion Charge is a fee that a lot of motorists have to pay to drive in central London throughout most hours of the daytime. If your car isn’t exempt from the charge, you must pay £15 daily to drive in designated parts of the capital.

This isn’t just in London, either. Cities and regions across the country are implementing Clean Air Zones in a bid to reduce traffic and go greener.

The idea of the scheme was to improve air quality by encouraging people in London to use public transport more or find alternative methods of travel that won’t be as harmful to the environment.

Electric vehicles, however, are exempt from this rule because they produce a low amount of emissions. Therefore, you can drive through London free from the Congestion Charge if your vehicle is 100% electric.

This greatly reduces your overall spend on your vehicle, not to mention already freeing yourself from the need to fill up with petrol or diesel.

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We apply for the exemption for your electric vehicle

What many purchasers of electric vehicles aren’t aware of beforehand is that you will still need to register for the exemption before taking your new car out on the roads in London.

At Drive Pivotal, we’ve taken the pain out of doing this for you. When you subscribe to an electric vehicle with us, we take care of the exemption registration so there’s one less chore for you to do.

Regardless of whether you’ve subscribed to a car for business or for personal use, we handle the registration for you so you’re free to think about other things – like where in London you plan to visit with your new car!

Subscriptions for cars are growing in popularity thanks to less commitment needed and its flexible nature. Subscribing for an electric vehicle makes sense in our modern and dynamic world as we progress towards more eco-conscientiousness.

Now that you know all the key information, find out more about Drive Pivotal and all the benefits a car subscription can bring you.

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