Fortnite OG season update 27.00 patch notes – new features and fixes

Fortnite developer Epic Games has released update 27.00 to coincide with the launch of the OG season. The new Fortnite season takes things back to the old-school, ushering in the return of the classic map, not to mention bringing back early weapons and items. Needless to say, the launch of the new season is accompanied by the release of a big new update, which according to Epic Games, is much larger than usual. “Where we droppin’?” reads an Epic tweet. “v27.00 downtime begins at 3 AM EST and matchmaking will be disabled shortly beforehand. Please note that the v27.00 update file size will be larger than usual on some platforms.”

Returning locations include POIs like Junk Junction, Haunted Hills, Pleasant Park, Snobby Shores, Greasy Grove, Lazy Links, Frosty Flights, Flush Factory and Salty Springs.

Needless to say, Epic Games will also bring back the iconic location of Tilted Towers, which was always a popular landing spot for fans.

Old-school weapons like the pump shotgun, OG assault rifle, LMG, turrets, traps and bolt-action sniper rifle will also appear.

As for the Battle Pass, fans will be able to unlock the Dark Storm Renegade Lynx, Omegarok, Harbinger Armour Omegarok, and Spectra Knight skins.

You can see some of the early patch notes for Fortnite update 27.00 below…

Early Fortnite update 27.00 patch notes (more to follow)…


• The top navigation bar in the lobby may overlap the V-Bucks display

– Players may find that the top navigation bar can overlap the V-Bucks display in some languages.

• The “Sweet!” emote is not behaving properly.

– We’re aware the “Sweet!” emote is not behaving properly, and it’ll be fixed in a future game update.


• Fortnite Career Page is not displaying the correct information.

– We’re aware of reports that the Fortnite Career Page is not displaying the correct information, and the team is investigating a fix.


• The Heals Attached perk is not working correctly with traps.

– Players using the Heals Attached perk with traps may find it is not healing correctly.

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