Preventing Common Swimming Injuries: Safety Tips for All Ages –

Swimming is one of the most popular activities during the summer, as it is something that people of all ages can enjoy and cool down during the great heat. It is fun and interesting, but it can also be pretty dangerous, so it is necessary to follow some tips in order to remain safe and prevent possible injuries.

Yes, injuries happen even during swimming, and we are not talking just about cramps, as one can easily pull the muscle or experience an even more difficult injury if they are not careful enough. That is why learning more about how to prevent such injuries and really have the best possible experience while swimming is extremely important.

Of course, the most important thing is to learn how to swim properly, and it is best to find a licensed coach, as it is the only way to learn different techniques. Senja Cashew swimming lessons are great as they are not reserved only for children, and adults can start from the basics too. On the other hand, even experienced swimmers can injure themselves if they are not careful enough, which is why these tips should be of much help.


Some things always come first, and when we speak about any type of physical activity, the first thing we must do is warm up. It is just like with any other physical activity, and before you start working out in a gym or home, you must warm up first. In that way, we prepare our muscles for the activity and prevent cramps that can be pretty painful and can cause severe problems, especially in deep water, as they make swimming much more difficult, sometimes even impossible.

That means that warm-up can even save our lives and definitely save us from various injuries that can occur besides cramps if the muscles are not properly prepared. Although it might be tempting to jump into the water and instantly refresh, it is never a good idea, as you should never skip the warm-up. Overall, the more our muscles are prepared for some physical activity, or in this case swimming, the less chance that we will experience any type of injury, so always make sure to warm up first.

Do it with a friend

It doesn’t matter how good a swimmer someone is, going into the deep water alone is never safe, as it can be pretty dangerous. Namely, no matter how well prepared we are, and even if we warm up before going into the water, cramps can occur and put us in life-threatening situations.

Having another experienced swimmer with you can literally save your life, as they can help you stay above the water until you feel better to get back to the shore. It’s always good to have someone you can trust by your side, especially in situations like this, as even if you experience some unpleasant situation, they will be there to help you.

Besides that, everything is much funnier when you have company, so ask someone to go to the beach or the pool with you.

Use a sunscreen

Okay, even though this might not be that connected to swimming injury, it’s still something that most people forget, which is why we simply must highlight the importance of using sunscreen. Sunburns are the most common injuries in swimmers who love going to the beach or the pool, and they can be pretty painful and unpleasant.

Whoever has a sunburn at least once in their life knows that it can be so painful that you must skip going to the beach for a couple of days, which can ruin the entire vacation. Besides that, it can be pretty dangerous for our skin, and cause irreparable damage to it, which means prevention is the best solution. The best prevention is regularly putting sunscreen with at least SPF30 on the skin every couple of hours, especially after getting out of the water and going to the beach or pool in the morning and after 5 PM.

Of course, depending on how sensitive your skin is, there are other types and brands that provide a bit more or a bit less protection, which is why it’s highly recommended to consult the medical expert on which sunscreen you should use before you embark on your voyage.

Avoid alcohol

Having a beer or two can be the best way to refresh during the summer days, but it can be pretty dangerous doing it before swimming. Alcohol reduces our ability to act fast when necessary and sometimes makes us too sleepy, which can be extremely dangerous while in the water. Besides that, it can make us sick and unable to swim and make us unable to assess the danger of certain situations.

Just like operating any vehicle under the influence is never a good idea, the same can be said for swimming, as your body is already under stress due to consuming alcohol, and swimming can only add more stress to it, which is not something that everyone can deal with. That is why if someone wants to go swimming, especially in deep waters, drinking water or fresh juices instead of alcohol is always the best decision.

Avoid overeating

Swimming is pretty challenging and tiring for our body, as every little muscle on our body is activated during this activity. That is why in order to really enjoy this activity, it’s best not to eat that much before swimming. It’s because when we eat too much, our body is already processing the food, meaning that our muscles are not ready for any type of demanding physical activity.

Of course, it’s not like you must not eat anything before swimming, on the contrary, one should always have a banana or some other fruit by their side to freshen up, as swimming can wear us down. Just think about the last time you went swimming for a bit longer – when you returned home, you were extremely hungry, right? Well, that is why you should always bring some food with you, but to repeat it once again – never eat too much, just enough to keep you going.

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