Red Dead 2 map size comparison: How big is RDR2 map compared to GTA 5?

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    Red Dead Redemption 2 is Rockstar Games’ most recent open world game.

    Main character Arthur Morgan will cover a lot of ground as he completes the main story.

    However, the outlaw can also complete optional side quests, which will see him ride across vast spaces on his horse.

    In fact, for a player to complete the game it is estimated it would take at least 60 hours.

    This is for just the main storyline, without any extra missions, and this is if you just blaze through it.

    If you take your time with the storyline it is more likely to take 70-80 hours.

    It took Rooster Teeth producer Alanah Pearce 14 minutes at a fast gallop to cross the map from edge-to-edge.

    However, her entire map is yet to be unlocked, so it would in reality likely take longer.

    Developer Rockstar has attempted to feature a “range of America’s heartland and frontier” areas from the 1800s.

    At the beginning of the game Arthur will start out at the very north of the map, after which he will start to move south and unlock new areas.

    So how does the western-adventure themed game map compare to Rockstar’s previous successful title, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5)?

    Saying Red Dead 2’s map is big is an understatement – it is the largest Rockstar has ever made, indulging the GTA 5 map.

    The epic GTA 5 map was roughly 22 square miles and is one of the biggest open world maps of all time.

    It has not been revealed exactly how big Red Dead 2’s map is, but to beat the GTA 5 map it is truly huge.

    Reddit user ppguy323436 estimated the first Red Dead map to be 12 aware miles.

    Meanwhile, the 2018 prequel is believed to be a massive 29 square miles.

    PowerPyx have created a full RDR2 map which is pieced together from 50 single zoomed-in screenshots. You can see this below.

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  • The game also feels bigger because you travel across the entire map on horseback, as opposed to car or plane.

    Because of the 1800s mode of transport, it takes a lot longer to travel from one end to the other.

    It is because the map is so massive it will take longer to complete quests and treasure maps.

    The open world spans from the town of Saint Denis to a coal mining territory in Appalachia.

    The map also includes most of the original Red Dead Redemption’s territories.

    The newest game is supposedly four times the size of the original map.

    In addition to added areas, the graphics have been improved to feel hyper realistic.

    The RDR2 map will be unlocked by gradually progressing through the game.

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