Test: what type of an escape room player are you

If you already know what Disney character and what pet you are, it’s time to find out your type of an escape room player.

For each statement choose a number from 1 to 5, where 1 is “strongly disagree” and 5 is “strongly agree”.

  1. On Friday night you prefer reading a book rather than going out with friends.
  2. You’re better in math than in art.
  3. You’re favourite movie characters are Indiana Jones and Lara Croft.
  4. You assembled a 1000 pcs jigsaw puzzle at least once in a lifetime.
  5. You’ve already played in the escape room.
  6. You have a lot of friends and you love spending time together.
  7. You like playing video games.
  8. You never travel alone because you appreciate the company.
  9. When travelling to new places you always visit museums.
  10. You’re always the best at Charades and Pictionary.

0 – 16 Escape room pooper: running around and seeking the clues tires you. You feel like you’d better spend that hour in the movies with a nice basket of popcorn in front of a huge screen. Good for you! Then you’re probably the movie expert and always have a decent film to recommend to your friends. Btw, movie themed escape rooms might be a good shot for you. You haven’t probably found yet the room that would excite you. Drop in at Escape Hour in Calgary and Edmonton. They may have something for you.

17 – 34 Sherlock: your deduction surprises everyone. You won 99 out of 100 escape rooms. You are very attentive to details and curious about things. You don’t ask many question because one glance at the room tells you more than any maps and clues. If you’re seeking a challenge, check out Escape Hour. Though try not to solve the room all by yourself. Escape rooms suppose team work.

35 – 44 Musketeer: “one together and all for one” is your moto. No matter what you do it’s more fun with your friends. You’re a great team player which is perfect for an escape room game. Your friends appreciate your support and involvement – essential qualities for an escape room player.

45 – 50 Nerd: you are very smart. Your bookshelf is jammed with books on history, astronomy, Ancient Greece and physics. You know so much that any puzzle in the escape room is just a piece of cake for you. Maybe it’s time you started to design escape rooms yourself.