Minecraft Mob Vote live – How to vote, what to vote for and when voting closes

Mojang has opened voting for Minecraft’s newest Mob, which will be revealed during this weekend’s Minecraft Live event. The Minecraft Mob Vote is an annual event in which fans get to decide which new Mob will be added to the game in a future update. This year’s Minecraft Mob Vote is between the crab, the armadillo and the penguin. Voting is open from now until 6.15pm BST UK time on Sunday, October 15. The winner will be announced as part of the Minecraft Live broadcast, which kicks off at 6pm BST on October 15. You can vote for the new Minecraft Mob by visiting the game’s website..

All three new Mobs add interesting new gameplay features to Minecraft. The crab, for instance, lets players place blocks even further away when building.

“The crab makes its home in the mangrove swamp and has one enormous claw!” reads the official description.

“It doesn’t just use it for waving at players (hello!) – this giant claw is actually very special. If a player manages to find one, they can use it to place blocks further away when building.”

As you’d expect from a hardened creature like the armadillo, the animal gives players a new armour option.

“The armadillo lives in the savannah biome,” Mojang explains. “If you startle the armadillo, it will curl up into a blocky ball! The armadillo also drops a scute that you can use to craft a new type of armour, wolf armour! Which will give your pet wolf some extra protection.”

Finally, the penguin is described as a social creature that could come in handy when sailing.

“The penguin is a social mob, and you’ll find it waddling around the stony shores biome. A little clumsy on land, the penguin is a strong swimmer when it’s in the water. It’s helpful too, because this amphibious mob can help your boat travel faster!”


Unfortunately, however, this year’s Minecraft Mob Vote hasn’t gone down too well with fans. Indeed, more than 400,000 people have signed a petition to put an end to the annual Mob Vote.

Unhappy with the lack of new content available as part of Minecraft’s yearly updates, fans believe Mojang should stop dividing the community and add all three new Mobs to the game.

While it seems unlikely at this point, perhaps Mojang will give the fans what they want and add the crab, armadillo and penguin, regardless of the public vote. 

You’ll have to tune in on October 15 to find out!

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