Tears of the Kingdom release date, preorder bonus info, and when you can play

It feels like an eternity since the first teaser trailer for Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom first dropped.

But our patience is about to be rewarded, as we're just days away from being able to plunge back into the world of Hyrule.

The sequel to Breath of the Wild is finally coming out this Friday, May 12, which means you'll be able to spend all weekend playing it.

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If you've pre-ordered the digital edition you can preload it onto Nintendo Switch console so it's ready to go straight away this Friday as soon as it becomes playable.

What time will Tears of the Kingdom be playable in the UK?

Tears of the Kingdom is set to go live just after midnight local time in all regions except from the west coast of the USA.

In the UK, that means you'll be able to start playing the latest Zelda at 12:01AM on Friday morning, May 12.

It's not the most convenient time for gamers eager to dip their toes into the sequel to the award-winning Breath of the Wild, and there might be dozens of sickies being pulled across the country.

These timings only apply to the digital edition of the game, mind—so if you're lucky enough to get your physical copy through the post a bit earlier, you'll be able to hop on and start exploring Hyrule straight away.

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Can you still get a Tears of the Kingdom preorder bonus?

Although we're only days away from the release of Tears of the Kingdom, there's still time to grab some preorder bonuses—including posters, in-game items, sticker sheets, and more.

  • For a bonus poster, preorder TOTK from Amazon or ShopTo
  • For a luggage tag, preorder TOTK from Smyths or Currys
  • For a 'Collector's Coin', preorder TOTK from GAME
  • For a Sticker Sheet, preorder TOTK from Argos or Very
  • For a Collector's Coin and bonus poster, preorder TOTK from the My Nintendo store

Of course, if you're really that keen on getting bonus goodies for Tears of the Kingdom, there's always the Limited Collector Edition on sale with an art book, steelbook and more—but it'll set you back at least £250, which is almost as much as a new Switch.

Are you excited for Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Stay tuned for our full review and early game guides later this week


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